The convenience store chain has opened a new store that will act as the place to trial future operational environments of the future using next-generation digital technology.

Called the DT Lab Store, the new space is located on the first floor of Lotte Data Communication Co.’s headquarters building, situated in southern Seoul. The store is a space to test the safety and effectiveness of digital technology before it will be rolled out to affiliated stores.

One of the digital technology features available at the new store includes a facial recognition-based entry management and payment system. The store has also introduced a ‘3D LiDAR’ system that intends to seek the best-optimised product operational strategy by analysing customers movements within the store.

The store also features an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that detects inventory levels in real time and sends the data to store managers. Further, the integrated store control system enables users to check temperature and humidity level within store as well as the temperature of equipment such as refrigerators.