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A timeless, colourful and creative French brand that was born in Marseille, American Vintage was inspired by Founder Michaël Azoulay’s many trips to the US. In this interview, we spend some time with the man himself to discuss how the brand continues to grow and offer unique materials, taking customers on a sensory journey that allows them to freely express themselves.

The seed of American Vintage was planted in Michaël’s head long before the company began. He discovered his passion for sales and commerce working as a salesman in a jeans store before becoming a sales agent for the South of France to find new sites. It was then that a conversation with a loved one sparked the idea to bring the brand to life.

Their products are subtle, authentic, and predominantly natural to the touch and available in a wide range of colours and prints. American Vintage offers customers pieces that they can mix and match, that will be with them every day and that they will never tire of. It is a brand that is free, sincere, and instinctive that allows every individual to feel good in their clothes.

Today the business operates over 200 stores across 19 European countries including France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, as well as in international territories including North America, the Middle East and Asia.

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Elements, Hong Kong, China

Late last year on 9 December, the company launched two new stores in Dublin on 32 and 34 Exchequer Street, one was an American Vintage men’s store and the other was an American Vintage women’s and kid’s location. Following this, on 25 January this year they launched a new site in Barcelona at Pg. de Gràcia, 44.

“Our development strategy consists of bolstering existing markets and then concentrating on markets where we think American Vintage has high potential,” explains Michaël Azoulay, Founder of American Vintage. “In 2024, we are continuing to expand our omni-channel and international growth, with plans to open stores in the US and across Europe. In the future, we would also love to expand in China, in fact, we have taken over the flagship of the multi-brand store chain Looknow, located at 286 Wukang Road in Shanghai and we will be there until 17 March. The large space presents a selection of the brand’s must-have pieces, from warm and colourful knits to striped tops, raw jeans and thick jackets.”

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London, UK

After almost two decades of operation, the company has become known for its emphasis on timeless, versatile pieces that blend comfort with style and continues to focus on shapes, materials, and colours. Across its women’s, men’s and kid’s ranges, their pieces have evolved and become iconic, with its DNA of exclusive colours, denims and knits punctuating the collection. Always retro, the label also focuses on the (re)new by playing on cuts, materials and colours – offering pieces that sometimes futuristic, sometimes timeless but always stylish.

As our discussion moves onto brand experience and customer engagement, Michaël highlights that regardless of whether they are focusing on product, on business or the development strategy, they always try to constantly develop, push and create to retain customer loyalty. He continues by saying that loyalty does not just involve the essentials, the timeless items that made the brand successful at the start; it is a mix of several things where they try to maintain a connection and build loyalty.

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Madrid, Spain

Utilising the power of social media, American Vintage creates and shares quality content links through sincerity and emotion. Through these online platforms, they promote the brand’s values of family & friends, art & creation, sports, encounters, travel and food and they represent their network in all its diversity, from the head office in Marseille to the US, Asia and all of Europe.

With the topic of sustainability being more prominent in the world of retail than ever before, we ask the Founder how the company plays its part in this environment…

“The brand aims to lead by example in promoting sustainability within the fashion industry. By integrating eco-friendly materials, ethical practices and a commitment to reducing environmental impact, we hope to inspire other fashion labels to follow suit and adopt more sustainable approaches. We aim to redefine trends by championing timeless fashion. Instead of following fleeting fads, we emphasize enduring style, encouraging consumers to invest in pieces that last beyond seasonal whims. With this method, we seek to challenge the fast fashion culture prevalent in the industry. We desire to empower individuals to embrace their unique style. By offering versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, we aim to encourage self-expression and celebrate diversity in fashion,” comments Azoulay.

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Madrid, Spain

The teams that make up the company are first and foremost a free, close-knit and committed community of ambassadors, whose fundamental principles are the exchange and sharing of knowledge. A bold brand, the business is an international, innovative and flexible company that is always moving with the times. A keen sports fan, the founder has succeeded in developing the brand utilising this ethos and he has succeeded in developing the world of American Vintage around the values of challenge, teamwork and surpassing oneself.

“Thanks to our values, there is a real mix between the youth and the experience of certain people and this mix is very important in all the professions of the group.”

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Florence, Italy

A cosmopolitan and international brand, it creates products that reflect Marseille for its global nature and France with its romantic and sensual nature. American Vintage is a lifestyle and a state of mind. The brand’s intention is not to impose a look, but to help everyone assert their own personality.

“American Vintage is above all a human adventure that allows each individual to express their personality, to feel stronger and to surpass themselves. Authenticity, sincerity, family spirit, challenge, freedom and autonomy are the values around which we rally. Like Marseille where I come from, it is a cosmopolitan brand that is open to the world and brings people together,” Azoulay concludes.