Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Balenciaga Makes Chicago Debut

Yesterday marked the opening of luxury fashion house Balenciaga in Chicago, Illinois and it is located at 15 East Oak Street.

The 641sq m store features Balenciaga’s signature Raw Architecture concept. This design philosophy leaves surfaces intentionally untreated and incorporates evocative details like rough edges, free-standing partitions and a mix of materials. By respecting and exposing existing structural elements, the construction process minimises the use of new materials, while highlighting the history of the building.

Notably, vast brushed concrete floors, resembling sidewalk tiles and walls made of concrete or cement board panels create a unique indoor/outdoor ambiance. A large-scale luminous ceiling illuminates key areas such as the shoe section, staircase and fitting rooms. Throughout the store, this radiance is complemented by suspended ceiling mesh, industrial lighting systems and other technical fixtures.

The interior design further evokes a warehouse or studio atmosphere with hot rolled metal tables, angel hair-finish metal shelving and hanging pipe racks. Seating is upholstered in recycled leather, while underlit shelving, panes of smoked glass, an inlaid carpet and high-definition screens provide warmth and modernity.