South Korean online fashion retailer Bugun FNC has reached KRW200 million ($172,000) in sales at a single store through an offline sale event called ‘Vely Market’. 

Located near Hongsik University, the flagship store attracted more than 3300 local and international customers from China, Japan, Malaysia and elsewhere, featuring fashion and beauty products from its brands, Imvely and Vely Vely.

Some customers lined up for hours before the opening of the store. One of them said “I was startled to see a really large crowd. I hope diverse offline events will be held often where we can buy Imvely and Vely Vely products.”

“We are deeply grateful for all customers for visiting the market,” said a Bugun FNC spokesperson. “We will actively communicate with customers by arranging new events in the months to come.” – Bugun FNC now has 192 stock keeping units in cosmetics and beauty accessories and is actively expanding its product line.