A Canadian theme park is unveiling its new dive roller coaster – the tallest, longest and fastest of its kind of the planet.

Wonderland theme park in Vaughan, Ontario released footage of its latest thrill ride, the Yukon Striker, on Wednesday.

The coaster spans 3,625 feet in length and has a top speed of 80mph.

It’s the only dive coaster in the world with a 360-degree loop. It’s also the tallest such coaster with a hill peaking at 245ft, according to the park.

The Formula Rossa roller coaster in Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World still holds the record for the world’s fastest coaster with a top speed of 149mph.

The tallest coaster on the planet is the 456ft Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. And the longest ride is the Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land in Japan, which spans 8,133 feet.