Set to be unveiled in the UAE, customers can expect to experience unlimited fun and a whole lot of candy at the awe-inspiring Chupa Chups Room in Mall of the Emirates.

Chupa Chups is delighted to reveal its first-ever store on 12 January 2022 in Mall of the Emirates at 11am. The interactive Chupa Chups Room will house an array of brand favourites since its inception and new products alike, inducing nostalgia amongst millennials all while creating curiosity between Gen Z and teeny boppers, through new themes and limited-edition products introduced every two weeks within the store.

Futuristic and unique, the store is compact yet equipped with the most advanced technology to offer customers unlimited phenomenal experiences for all occasions. Be it a birthday party, where the right candy or goody bag can make it the party of the year, a simple outing with family, being a tourist in the city or simply re-calling nostalgic memories. Unleash the desire to discover and head over to the UAE’s latest playground of fun. The first 100 visitors to the store, 2pm onwards on opening day will receive a goody bag full of the best Chupa Chups sweets.

Luca Parodi, President Business Unit SAMEA & LATAM, Perfetti Van Melle comments: “We are thrilled to be bringing a one-of-a-kind Chupa Chups store in the world to the UAE. When the idea of opening a retail store for the brand cropped up, our first choice was Dubai. The city is diverse and easily accessible from the rest of the world but moreover, the UAE has brilliantly managed the pandemic with little impact on retail, making it a stable choice. Aside from this, there has been a significant tourist footfall within the country over the last few months and Mall of the Emirates happens to be an obvious choice as it is a tourist hotspot.”