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        LAUNCHES MILAN STORE                                                   ARKET SET TO OPEN IN RUSSIA
                                                                               Nordic lifestyle brand Arket is to open its first
                                                                               bricks-and-mortar  store  in  Russia  following
        Cult streetwear brand Supreme has opened                               the  launch  of  an  online  shopping  site  in  the
        its first store in Italy in the Brera shopping                         country late last year. Due to open in autumn,
        district of  Milan.                                                    the shop in Moscow will sell a wide selection of
          Situated  in  a  corner  unit  on  Corsa                             products spanning fashion, food, scent, beauty
        Garibaldi, the 1,080sq ft space features six                           and homewares.
        floor  to  ceiling  windows,  walls  decorated
        with murals designed by US pop artist Nate
        Lowman and sculptures by Mark Gonzales                                 STEEN & STRØM RELAUNCHED
          Selling   the   brand’s   ready-to-wear                              Oslo’s  luxury,  contemporary  department
        collections and a range of accessories, the                            store Steen & Strøm has officially relaunched
        store marked its opening with a selection                              following  a  major  £25.7M  refurbishment  and
        of limited-edition items, with one of these                            upgrade in the city. The works included a brand-
        being a T-shirt featuring Leonardo da Vinci’s                          new  entrance,  a  state-of-the-art  beauty  hall
        The Last Supper.                                                       and upgraded architecture which introduces a
          Supreme  currently  operates  four  stores                           stunning new atrium.
        in the US, six in Japan and two in Europe in
        London and Paris.                                                      OUTLET CENTRE EXTENDED
                                                                               Following the extension at the Designer Outlet
        CPI BEGINS RECONSTRUCTION                                              Warszawa,  the  centre  now  hosts  more  than
                                                                               130 designer, fashion and lifestyle brands. Most
        OF BUDAPEST SHOPPING CENTRE                                            recently,  the  centre  has  welcomed  MaxMara,
                                                                               Twinset and Swarovski, all with their first and
                                                                               only outlet stores in Poland.
        The  interior  of  the  Campona  shopping   20 relaxation zones for customers will also
        centre  in  South  Buda,  owned  by  CPI   be added. Nearly 2km of LED tape will be
        Property Group,  will be completely rebuilt   installed as part of work on lighting.   MAISON BALZAC OPENS STORE
        by the end of 2021.                  With sustainability in mind, most of the   Australian  candle  and  homeware  company
          Fine-tuning its previous plans and reacting   floor and ceiling coverings to be used are   Maison Balzac has opened its first-ever store
        to  the  changing  market  and  customer   made  of  recycled  materials.  The  building   in its hometown of Sydney. The French-inspired
        environment,  CPI  Property  Group  will   will  also  get  11  new  heating  and  cooling   retailer has opened in the trendy Sydney suburb
        fully  rebuild  the  entire  customer  area  and   machines,   incorporating   environment-  of  Surry  Hills,  along  the  reputable  Bourke
        accompanying  service  units  in  Campona.   friendly  technological  solutions  into  its   Sreet. Inside, the flagship is said to mimic a real
        In  line  with  earlier  plans,  most  of  the   further and continued operation.     Parisian apartment.
        reconstruction  work  will  be  completed   Accessibility  auditor  Access4you  has
        in  2021,  with  work  beginning  last  month   participated  in  designing  the  renewal  of
        and  the  entire  project  scheduled  to  be   the  shopping  centre,  which  guarantees   BRUTUS GOLD EYES GROWTH
        completed early in 2022. According to plans,   continued  unhindered  access  to  the   Retro clothing brand Brutus Gold Boutique has
        the  entrances,  the  shopping  area  and  the   impaired and the handicapped.  unveiled plans to extend its reach in the UK,
        food court, and restrooms will all be rebuilt.  Anchor  tenants  at  this  centre  include   Europe and Australia through expansion in the
          During the renovation, nearly 10,000sq m   Sports  Diect,  C&A,  H&M,  Reserved,  New   wholesale  sector.  Founded  by  Rocco Violetta,
        of flooring and 4,450sq m of false ceiling will   Yorker  and  many  more  whilst  its  leisure   the company specialises in ethically produced
        be replaced, the food court will be expanded   offer  includes  Tropicarium,  the  largest   clothing  featuring  art  and  cultural  references
        from 275 to 415 seats, and 200 plants and   aquarium in Central Europe at 4,000sq m.  from the ‘70s.

                                                                           JUNE 2021 RETAIL & LEISURE INTERNATIONAL 09
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