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NEWS                                                                     INBRIEF

                                                                                     VERSACE LAUNCHES NEW UNIT
              NEPALESE JEWELLERY BRAND UNVEILS                                       The  iconic  brand  has  opened  a  new  boutique
                                                                                     in  Hong  Kong’s  luxury  shopping  establishment,
              FIRST FLAGSHIP STORE                                                   the  World  Trade  Centre.  The  almost  100sq  m
                                                                                     store  is  an  extension  of  the Versace  brand  and
              After  four  years  as  an  online-first  jewellery                    encapsulates the Versace identity with marble, silk
              business, Hong Kong-based Nepalese designer                            as well as golden metal accents flowing throughout
              Kajal Naina has opened her first physical store,                       the space.
              at Harbour City’s Ocean Gallery.
                Naina’s  creations  have  drawn  a  following                        MINISO EXPANDS ACROSS INDIA
              globally, with selected items sold online and                          Global lifestyle retailer Miniso has revealed that, as
              through  stores  in  markets  including  Nepal,                        of the end of 2022, it set a record in India for the
              Australia,  the  UK  and  Singapore.  Meanwhile                        highest  number  of  new  store  openings  since  the
              Flying Solo in New York City will stock the                            pandemic,  estimated  at  around  60.  Since  the  first
              brand from March. A second standalone store                            store opened in Gurugram in 2017, Miniso has set
              is planned for Kathmandu later this year.                              up in 125 cities around the country and is set to
                In Hong Kong, customers of the flagship can                          exceed 220 stores by year-end.
              participate in the creation of their own pieces
              designed to tell their own stories in what the
              brand says is the first jewellery bar concept in                       ADIDAS ADDS A NEW FLAGSHIP
              the city. Customers choose from pre-designed                           Adidas  has  opened  its  largest  flagship  store  in
              elements, such as charms and pendants to add                           South  Korea,  in  the  bustling  shopping  district
              to their pieces in what Naina says is a fun way                        Myeong-dong. Spanning 2501sq m over two floors,
              to interact with fine jewellery.                                       the  store  was  designed  with  local  architectural
              BOTTEGA VENETA REOPENS ITS HONG                                        elements  and  offers  consumers  what  the  brand
                                                                                     describes  as  a  sustainable,  creative  and  all-
              KONG FLAGSHIP IN HARBOUR CITY                                          encompassing experience.

              Bottega  Veneta’s  Harbour  City  flagship   Hong  Kong  flagship,  the  reopened   POP-UP STORE OPENS IN TOKYO
              store  in  Hong  Kong  reopened  on  14   Harbour City store stocks all of Bottega   French  luxury  brand  Louis  Vuitton  has  opened
              January  with  new  architectural  features   Veneta’s  product  categories,  including   a  pop-up  store  in  Tokyo,  marking  its  second
              and an expanded offering, just in time for   leathergoods,   jewellery,   accessories,   collaboration with pop artist, Yayoi Kusama. Located
              the Chinese New Year celebrations.   ready-to-wear,  shoes  and  eyewear  for   in the Harajuku district, the store is centred around
                Located  in  Harbour  City’s  Gateway   men and women.               a “polka-dot  avant-garde,”  to  reflect  the  Japanese
              Arcade,  the  5,570sq  ft  space  is  designed     To  mark  the  launch  this  month,  local   artist’s signature dot design and features a plethora
              around materials from the Veneto region,   celebrities  Fala  Chen  and  Louise  Wong   of installations and decorations.
              with  the  Milan-based  luxury  brand’s   were  in  attendance  at  the  store.  The
              identity showcased throughout the space,   reopened  Harbour  City  store  takes
              including the furniture.           Bottega  Veneta’s  store  count  in  Hong   MILESTONE STORE IS REVEALED
                Under  the  style  direction  of  Bottega   Kong to ten locations, including a pop-up   Charles  &  Keith  has  launched  a  flagship  store  in
              Veneta Creative Director, Matthieu Blazy,   in the shopping mall.      Hong  Kong  at  Causeway  Bay’s  Fashion Walk. The
              the store’s design elements include white   Harbour  City  is  the  largest  shopping   store marks the fifth anniversary of the brand’s Hong
              clay  tiles  and  hand-cast  Murano  glass,   mall in Hong Kong. Located alongside the   Kong debut, its tenth store in the territory and its
              alongside  concrete,  soft  gold  brass  and   city’s  Victoria  Harbour,  the  mall  boasts   second flagship. The 150sq m boutique reflects the
              a blue marble with white veins, designed   some  450  shops,  80  food  and  beverage   brand’s new sixth-generation store design concept,
              to riff on the “moving waters of Venice,”   outlets,  an  art  gallery,  an  observatory   the first of which opened in Cityplaza in 2021.
              according to a press release.      deck,  three  hotels  and  a  cruise  terminal
                Serving  as  the  Italian  brand’s  official   all under one roof.

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