The main priorities for retailers this holiday shopping season are sustainability and efficiency. GiftNow aims to provide a gifting platform between retailer, gift shopper and gift recipient.

GiftNow, which is a digital gifting service offered by Loop Commerce allows shoppers to purchase a gift online without needing to know the recipient’s preferred size or color, or even the shipping address. The platform is currently used by leading retailers such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Kate Spade, Uniqlo and Kenneth Cole.

Shoppers simply need to select the item they wish to gift, pay for the item and shipping, and provide the recipient’s email address. The recipient will get an email with a link to the GiftNow page, where he or she can select size, color and shipping, or alternatively exchange for another item or store credit from either the same retailer or a different GiftNow partner.

“The platform enables retailers to drive additional sales by accommodating consumers’ last-minute gifting needs and giving buyers the ability to purchase highly personalized gifts and have them digitally delivered immediately,” Jennifer Muller, chief marketing officer of Loop Commerce told FashionUnited. “ With GiftNow, consumers don’t have to worry about shipping cutoffs for the gifts they send, or about possible delivery delays during the holidays, because the recipient receives the surprise instantly. This is a huge advantage for retailers, as those consumers might otherwise abandon their carts due to concern over holiday shipping deadlines or expedited shipping fees. Instead of losing those sales, retailers are able to be competitive and relevant in today’s environment with GiftNow.”

The website is very simplistic and provides people a very easy interface to choose a gift from the selection of products on offer and then send the gift to a family member of friend.