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Giorgetti – Exclusive and Atypical Uniqueness

The tradition of Giorgetti goes back more than 121 years to when it began life in Brianza and today it still forges ahead with innovation in its field. Here, RLI sits down with company CEO Giovanni del Vecchio to discuss how far the brand has come and what the future holds.

The products that are designed and produced by Giorgetti are the perfect example of pieces made and manufactured in Italy. Starting from design, creativity and style, up to the actual production, the entire process is entirely made in Italy by highly qualified personnel having great skills in the furniture sector. Giorgetti products are functional and made of long-lasting quality materials and are made with eco-friendly efficient technologies, surpassing standard products and guaranteeing a high level of customisation.

Today the company operates in 115 countries with 361 points of sale. These include six ateliers that are situated in Milan, Rome, Antwerp, Singapore, Jakarta and Mumbai and 17 monobrand stores located in Milan, Paris, Koln, London, Kiev, Boston, Houston, Mexico City, New Delhi, Beijing, Foshan, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Moscow and Johannesburg. In the last two years the brand has consolidated its growth strategy through the 100 per cent acquisition of Battaglia, a specialist design firm for luxury hotels, fashion retail, private residences and super-yachts. Sharing the Made in Italy production belief, they are preparing to become the international benchmark for great interior design projects. After the recent openings of stores in Paris, Boston, Beijing, Hong Kong and Kiev, the company is particularly proud to enlarge its portfolio with its future London opening.

“Our vision of creating unique and sartorial articulated architectural projects for our customers, needed a proper window in the British capital which represents a point of reference for residential and hospitality projects worldwide,” explains Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of Giorgetti. “The London store will not only host our beautiful products renowned all over the world for their quality and timeless aesthetic, but it will also be the window for an impressive selection of materials and technical solutions able to satisfy any bespoke needs of our customers.”

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To continue developing new products and initiatives to stay at the cutting edge, collaborations with architects and designers are crucial as they give Giorgetti the chance to create functional, contemporary pieces with an unmistakeable style which integrates the highest artisanship with woodworking tradition, a long-time characteristic of the company. Mr del Vecchio feels that luxury brands need to be constantly competitive in a world where online and offline can no longer ignore one another, saying that Giorgetti has embraced the social media opportunity in stages, and today is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WeChat and YouTube.

“Digitisation is the only way to deal with the future. The furniture business is not yet comparable to fashion, we still need to be stronger and grow every day. It has also been embraced at communication level by imagining our institutional digital pages as new windows opportunities to explain, very often through unconventional stories, the many inner, often hidden and values of our brand DNA,” he explains. The goal of Giorgetti is to create timeless products that can fit in the contemporary style as well as in the future. They are always researching the details that can make the difference and make a piece of furniture unique.

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With more than 121 years of history, the company continues its relentless search for aesthetical innovation, combining new technologies and craftsmanship. It is because of this that its products are appreciated all over the world and, according to del Vecchio, a key reason behind the businesses’ success over such a long period of time. From design to production, Giorgetti takes pride in the fact that its creative and productive processes are exclusively Italian, so they can use the brand phrase ‘Made and manufactured in Italy’. This allows the entire production process to be checked with respect for the environment as well as guaranteeing the creation of long-lasting furniture.

“Our design ethos is based on exclusivity and atypical uniqueness. Each piece contributes towards defining space, becoming part of a complex, harmonious and extraordinary whole. The company is working more and more on articulate and complete 360-degree architectural projects, from the kitchen, the heart of every house, to the outdoor collection, not forgetting the objects from the Atmosphere Collection that complete every interior environment,” says del Vecchio.

“Giorgetti therefore presents a contract service with the aim to create ambience away from their insignificance and endow them with refinement and elegance. They are projects studied ad hoc, that can give a strong design mark to environments of hotels, restaurants and exhibition spaces,” del Vecchio continues.

Looking ahead, the challenge facing the business is to combine the irreplaceable work of man with high technology, creativity and digitisation, not only in the social media realm, but in all the digital areas including strategic reach and customer experience, e-commerce, cross-channel experiences and augmented reality. “Describing the essence of a brand that is 121 years old is not easy,” del Vecchio explains. “I hope these answers have gone someway to explaining this and the key values of the company as we continue to move forward.”

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