Ikea has been voted the most successful retailer during the current Covid-19 lockdown, thanks to the retailer’s ability to continue and grow their e-commerce revenue. The retailer reopened its physical stores to the public last week and people flocked to the retailer in droves, often queuing for hours to get their fix of the Swedish furniture giant.

According to a report by Digital Silk, Ikea has been the most successful in terms of adapting operations to perform during lockdown, which has obviously had an impact on revenue and winning ‘most successful e-commerce retailer’.

“As consumers look to shop more online due to social distancing and self-isolation, there have been increases in traffic and sales for the best performing e-commerce sites. These high-performing companies have manoeuvred the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis to grow their e-commerce revenue. These cases showcase some exemplary steps that can serve as guidance for other businesses facing the Coronavirus e-commerce impact and coping with new challenges or looking to expand.” – the report read.