The British cosmetics manufacturer has now opened two new concept shops in Paris & Florence and also its second biggest shop in Europe in Munich. However these are no normal Lush emporiums. The new store in Paris is called Fresh & Flowers, making a reference to the brand’s commitment to offering the ‘freshest cosmetics on the market’

“At a time when physical retail is coming under huge economic pressure, we are committed to ongoing investment in game-changing store concepts on the world’s high streets and malls, unrestricted by geographic borders, providing innovation and new customer experiences as suitable opportunities arise,” – Paul Wheatley, Global Property Director – Lush.

In Florence, the brand best known for its colourful bath bombs has opened a Perfume Library, housing the largest collection of Lush fragrances in the world. Inspired by the city’s links to perfumery during the Renaissance, the site will be the home of a new collection of own brand perfumes which are designed to take customers on an olfactory journey.