The new plastic recycling scheme will see customers receive a 50p deposit for every container they return to store.

Lush has consistently led the way in ethical practice with their fresh, vegetarian homemade cosmetics. The brand has utilised schemes in the past to encourage their shoppers to recycle and reuse, often offering rewards in these circumstances. The new ‘Bring it Back’ scheme will offer customers a 50p deposit to spend in store for each container they bring back.

The returned items will then be sent to Greenhub, Lush’s recycling hub where the containers can be remoulded into Lush’s signature black pots.

The ‘Bring it Back’ scheme will run in conjunction with Lush’s pre-existing face mask scheme, which will see customers receive a new face mask for every five plaster items returned to store.

The company issued a statement on the scheme: “We are working hard to offer people the ultimate waste-free shopping experience. We continue to invent revolutionary naked products, unique packaging materials, work on reusable plastic packaging items as well as looking into refilling options for the future. This recycling scheme is another step on our path to leaving the world Lusher than we found it.”