Mackage collections combine the finest leathers, down, and wool with tailored silhouettes and precision detail. Here, RLI speaks with Co- Founders Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan to find out more about the brand and where they hope to take it in the coming years.

Inspired by his brothers’ experience in the leather industry, Eran Elfassy founded Mackage in 1999, before being joined by Elisa Dahan two years later. In the years since, they have developed one of the most prestigious contemporary outerwear brands worldwide. The collections of Mackage are a testament to the brand’s cornerstones of innovation, design and an unwavering commitment to outstanding quality: a philosophy that has fundamentally changed the outerwear game.

The collections of Mackage are a testament to the brand’s cornerstones of innovation, design and an unwavering commitment to outstanding quality: a philosophy that has fundamentally changed the outerwear game. In the last 12 months there has been a focus on the branding and the company has been working tirelessly to modernise Mackage’s logo and aesthetic for the brand’s evolution. To date, the brand currently operate 17 flagship locations, 14 of these are situated throughout North America, two are located in Hong Kong and the most recent opening was in London. “With new footprints on multiple continents, the brand’s global expansion is well underway,” explains Eran Elfassy, Co-Founder of Mackage. “We have new stores located in Hong Kong, London, and a new showroom in Paris as well as a new Mackage European office based in Munich, Germany.”

The brands retail distribution network expands across top retailers, such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Holt Renfrew in North America, Harrods in the UK and Galeries Lafayette in Europe among others. Most recently Mackage has opened its first European pop-up store concept in the fashion-forward city of London. “The city is the perfect initial location to establish our retail network in Europe. The concept store offers our customers a chance to personally experience our amazing products in an inspiring brand environment,” says Elisa Dahan, Co-Founder. Situated at 135 Sloane Street, the 1,400sq ft unit showcases the latest Fall/Winter 2019/20 collection of luxurious outerwear; meanwhile the design of the pop-up is a nod towards the brand’s global store concept.

Over the coming months the company plans to continue developing its retail footprint in key markets around the world as well as extending its wholesale network of department stores within different countries. “We are excited to be entering the China space and disrupting the outerwear market. Our first two stores have opened in Hong Kong, more specifically in Harbour City and K11 Musea. The opportunity to launch in China has always been part of our long-term vision and we will continue to develop this market in the years to come,” explains Elfassy. To cater to the lifestyles of its different markets around the world, Mackage anticipates expanding its product selection in lightweight styles and are excited to push the boundaries with its fashion assortments. “Ultimately, our collections will always be creatively designed with impressive detailing and tailored cuts. That is the Mackage way. We believe that our brand offers a unique point of difference, striking the perfect balance between fashion and function,” says Dahan.

The company uses its social media channels to engage with its current and future consumers, and as it increasingly becomes a part of everyday life, they see it is an opportunity to speak directly to its audiences. It is also an extremely important channel in terms of the brand’s long-term marketing strategy, as it allows them to create engaging content to reach the Generation Z market through Instagram videos and stories. Both Co-Founders feel that craftsmanship and detail are extremely important, and so strict guidelines are in place for all products. They explain that successful brands are those that have made a signature look where consumers don’t have to look at the label but can tell who made the product simply by looking at it. It is these reasons that they feel customers have remained loyal to the brand over the last twenty years.

“Our business was started as a family, and even as we grow, we keep that same feeling. The team we have built is full of talent that works together to take us to the next level with each collection, store and product line,” explains Elfassy. The company’s ethos is fashion led function and its goal is to make outerwear that not only protects under harsh weather conditions, but also makes consumers look stylish. “As it is the last layer of your outfit, it has to be perfect and make you feel powerful and sexy,” says Dahan. Tremendous growth and business expansion is the next stage for the brand, and both Elfassy and Dahan appreciate this comes with challenges. However they are prepared for it, having laid a foundation that is very solid for the brand and all the challenges that may lie ahead are instead seen as opportunities to learn and grow.