With more than 25 years’ experience working in commercial real estate law and brand incubation, Mike Rielly, Founder of Rielly Retail Solutions offers his clients a comprehensive solutions package to enable them to proactively execute a growth plan across the US. Here, RLI sits down with Mike to learn more about what his incubator offers and what lies ahead for the company.

Especially now in the age of Covid-19, retail, hospitality and entertainment in America is fraught with pitfalls, so what Mike Reilly and his business provides is a formula to help brands with their North American expansion strategy through the latest research, on-ground teams and an unrivalled knowledge base.

From here, his incubator executes his client’s vision utilising an agnostic approach that is not confined to staying within one brokerage. Rather, his approach fuses a variety of teams in each market so that the client can view all possible options.

Whether it is introductions to capital sources, dissolution or disposition, bringing in aesthetic advice & preparation, legal introductions, potential partners or licensees, distribution centre or office leasing and assistance or a multitude of other elements, he provides a brand with a number of opportunities to plug & play and grow in the USA.


“We can operate like a boutique brokerage that is extremely hands on, while also moving the needle for a client’s needs in other areas that are not common to traditional brokerage,” explains Mike Rielly, Founder of Rielly Retail Solutions. “Our key strengths reside in our agnostic approach, no conflicts and boutique mentality, while also leveraging the decades of relationships and powerful client base with an array of brands including Lululemon, Uniqlo, Forever 21, Superdry and Scotch & Soda and the deal-making that goes with them.”

Due to the variety of clients they represent in various commercial real estate asset classes, the company is able to have an elevated sense of where deals should fall and can thereby push more aggressively for their clients. “This is also what my incubator does 24/7, as we live, breathe and eat retail, entertainment and hospitality representation. There is nothing else that brings us more joy than seeing our clients succeed above and beyond, and become best in class,” Rielly explains.

The impact that Covid-19 has had on the world of retail has been immeasurable. However, Rielly feels that there are still some opportunities out there for companies who possess a compelling product or service that the consumer is currently wanting and are willing to digest some risk.

In terms of his incubator, it has for the most part remained business as usual during these difficult times in terms of identifying the leaders in each subgenre and those brands that have the x-factor. “It is simply that the subgenres that are relevant or on the pulse have changed during Covid-19 and the course of 2020. Regardless, the desire to achieve four-wall success in the USA is still very much alive and absolutely full of risk no matter the strength of the brand abroad. Our expertise helps to limit and in some cases remove that risk and to create a broad solution for brand penetration in America.”


A selection of international clients that Rielly has worked with in recent times include Neiwai, an aspirational fashion company from China, who after an explosion of growth in Asia now has its eyes set on the USA. He has also worked closely with Café Del Mar from Ibiza on an American strategy as it has now opened more sites in Bangkok, Bali and the Maldives. A fantastic concept out of New York is Spyscape, which is looking to grow internationally, so the company has strategised with the brand on opportunities worldwide.

“Right now I am excited by one of the pre-eminent restaurant groups in Europe, Chotto Matte, which is absolutely best in class and looking to grow across multiple continents. Whilst Rodd & Gunn is an innovative fashion brand that has also developed a Michelin-inspired brasserie called the Lodge Bar. These are just a few, and I couldn’t be prouder to call them family and to work with them to realise their dreams,” says Rielly.


While the company does deal primarily with the North American market, Mike is also discussing licensing opportunities in the Middle East and Asia, and they have affiliates around the globe. They have the capabilities to assist brands in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Australia, and with their agnostic approach it is an honest and transparent system for companies looking to expand.

Looking to the future and the coming 12 months, Rielly feels that the global comeback will depend on vaccination speed, information sharing and governmental cooperation. He feels that the challenge is the unknown of what comes next, but he does not bet against the resilience in humanity and the desire to adapt, overcome and life live to the fullest.

“I am extremely passionate about brand incubation and bringing global companies to North America, properly, strategically and with great success. We are talking about people’s livelihoods, families and lifelong dreams. For me, this is truly not just a business, but a way of life and one in which I can in some small way help others. This means everything to me,” he concludes.