Millennial shoppers ‘more demanding’

    Retail 2019
    Retail 2019

    In its latest global shopper behaviour report, Swiss research agency m1nd-set reveals significant differences in the shopper behaviour of millennial travellers from around the globe. M1nd-set also reveals that, globally, purchase rates among millennials are lower than travellers from all other age groups.

    The study explores the shopping behaviour of millennials from eight different nationalities: British, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, American, Brazilian and Russian, based on interviews with over 8,000 international travellers from m1nd’set Business 1ntelligence Service (B1S) insights tool.

    As mentioned, the report reveals purchase rates are lower among millennial shoppers compared to other age groups for all nationalities except the Chinese, where there is only a ‘one point difference’.

    The largest difference in behaviour between the habits of millennials and travellers in other age groups, occurs for German shoppers, followed by the Japanese and then French. For millennials in particular, German shoppers have the lowest purchase rate and only 14% of all German visitors to the airport duty free shops make a purchase.