Peek & Cloppenburg are continuing their course of expansion : This year, the Düsseldorf fashion chain has seven new stores in Germany and Europe on the agenda. Five other locations are starting up on modernized premises after extensive conversion and renovation work. And the first new openings for 2023 are already being planned. A special highlight is the Sustainability Store, which is currently being built on Potsdamer Platz.

In the company’s first purely eco branch, sustainability solutions are to be tested on three floors and 3,500 square meters, which could gradually find their way into other P&C locations. The store should not only stock more sustainably produced articles, but also give the topic a platform through different event formats.

The company is also growing strongly internationally, with new P&C stores in Prague, Brussels and Almere in the Netherlands. The group of companies also wants to venture into the Italian market. For the first time, Peek & Cloppenburg is also growing in southern Europe. However, nothing has been announced about the exact location plans. 

The twelve new and renovated openings that are already planned in Germany could be followed by more in 2022: Since the corona pandemic has brought movement to the real estate market, especially in retail, Peek & Cloppenburg is holding talks for further retail space in promising locations.

Begun in 2021, the subsidiary Anson’s is also continuing to expand in the international markets. After the men’s outfitter with a focus on the fashionable man was presented in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania last year, a second store will follow in Prague this year.

In addition to increasing space productivity, P&C is focusing on expanding the omnichannel approach. In addition, popular segments such as sportswear, underwear and shoes are given more space overall. Other free areas can also be used for new ideas. In selected sales outlets such as Dortmund and Vienna, P&C has recently been cooperating with the café concept from Ivys Coffee, for example. 

“The far-sighted view of the Düsseldorf group of companies does not only apply to new sales areas, existing sales outlets and concepts are also regularly scrutinized in order to meet the requirements and wishes of customers. Even before Corona, Peek & Cloppenburg therefore started to open one at several locations Designing a new division of the product range: The customer’s desire for better orientation and an optimally curated offer is taken into account in a smaller area – with the same product variety “, says Uwe Fehr, member of the management board and responsible for purchasing men.

The goal is still to become the leading multi-brand omnichannel fashion retailer in Europe by 2026. “In the conception of all our measures, the focus is on the omnichannel idea. We think and act seamlessly and across channels. In the future, the shopping experience should not differ for our customers online and stationary, rather it should be linked optimally and without any hurdles. The aim is to offer our customers uniform performance, services and communication across all touchpoints,” says Edgar Hert, executive member of the management team at the family company.