Monday, July 15, 2024
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Snacking in the Middle East increases due to Covid-19

Something that may not come as much suprise – snacking in the Middle East has increased as a result of the global pandemic. More and more people are now working from home and thus regular trips to the cupboard or fridge have become second nature, it would appear.

Aamer Sheikh, president and general manager, PepsiCo MENA and Pakistan commented: “Covid-19 has thrown up some interesting consumption trends. For example, with more consumers eating breakfast at home, the Quaker business has seen an uptick and our snack business has also continued to perform well, with snacks grazing on the rise. We’ve observed and anticipate consumer trends to skew even more heavily towards value and convenience, with online shopping becoming more popular because of its ease, accessibility, and convenience.”

“Due to the uncertainty, our previous financial outlook is no longer applicable but with a strong balance sheet, highly cash generative business and ample liquidity, we believe we have adequate flexibility to meet the needs of our business and return cash to shareholders.” – Sheikh concluded.