Members of the Starbucks Loyalty Program will soon be able to use steamlined access to their orders in a familiar New York City landmark. The first-ever Starbucks pickup store in New York City’s Penn Plaza will open on Tuesday 5th November.

This location will use the mobile order and pay feature of the Starbucks mobile application as the primary ordering and payment method for customers. The customers entering the sotre will place and pay for their orders by using the mobile order and pay service on the app. The app also allows customers to track the current progress of their order on a digital status board and pick up their beverage and good items directly from a Starbucks barista.

Currently Starbucks offers a similar mobile-focused store format in Bejing, China, called Starbucks Now – which is designed to offer a streamlined experience for customers who have pre-ordered online and also for delivery drivers/riders who are picking up online orders.

The Starbucks Now features a dedicated area for pickup of Starbucks Delivers orders by drivers, while fulfilled online orders are placed in a secure in-wall system with a designated pickup portal associated with eacher order. However unlike Starbucks Pickup, the Starbucks Now does have limited product assortment for on-the-go orders, which have been placed inside the store.