The design of Uniqlo’s latest location in Asakusa, Tokyo features designs inspired by the suburb’s traditional culture.

One of the more popular tourist spots in Japan, Asakusa is home to the famous Sensoji Temple and is known for its vibe of an older Tokyo with traditional craft shops and street-food stalls.

Taking up residence in a building that before housed the Marugoto shopping centre, the new Uniqlo unit spans two floors and 21,000sq ft. The site highlights Uniqlo’s re-designed logo which says ‘Uniqlo Asakusa’, resembling the placards found on the gates of temples or shrines in Japan.

As guests walk into the store, they are presented with giant paper lanterns crafted by locals. It is home to many unique concept corners such as the Uniqlo Asakusa Bookshelf, Uniqlo Flower and a Uniqlo rickshaw.

To mark the launch, the store offers a range of limited items, including small ceramic dishes featuring a design of lantern from Sensoji Temple’s Kaminarimon Gate – and a t-shirt design exclusive to the store. Throughout the store, Uniqlo has highlighted products from local shops, from stationery to skateboards, encouraging customers to explore the neighbourhood in order to purchase such items and discover others.