The first-ever Active eSports League for Mixed-Reality (XR) trampoline and climbing wall, called ValoLeague, has now been launched by Valo Motion.

The games use intriguing game mechanisms that encourage players to train and improve their gameplay while enjoying a workout and keeping their level of physical exercising high. By adding competitive gameplay mechanisms, players are incited to repetitive play which can elevate their performance and endurance.

Games’ scoring and ranking are done in real-time, making them easy to access and monitor for players on their phone by using ValoApp, a mobile application as a new companion to Valo Motion games. ValoApp includes seamless video and game saving, and video sharing options to allow players to compare their game history, view other players’ games and easily compare sports and training videos.

“Sports or games are favourite pastimes for many of us and competitions always spice up the challenge. By combining sports, games, and competitions, we get Active eSports League. It encourages people to move and challenge each other on a global scale, while still having awesome fun! ” says Dr Raine Kajastila, CEO and Founder of Valo Motion.