Hong Kong supermarket chain, Wellcome, has introduced a new store concept called ‘Wellcome Fresh’, housing a “mega-collection” of products and an in-store Food Street.

Located inside The Westwood shopping centre, the Wellcome Fresh store spans more than 50,000sq ft, marking Hong Kong’s largest supermarket yet. The store features 23 zones, housing around 15,000 products, including wild-caught seafood, wines and locally farmed produce.

Wellcome Fresh is characterised by its distinctive decor, re-imagining the local traditional market. Each zone has a specific colour with murals and adornments of the same motif.

While the Fresh Produce zone stocks a collection of fruit and vegetables sourced from Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and the US, the Seafood Zone offers more than 100 types of wild-caught and sustainably farmed seafood. The Butcher Shop re-imagines a traditional meat store with pieces of pork hung on iron hooks and red price tags.

Meanwhile, the supermarket’s Food Street offers an array of gourmet food choices, from Urban Bake & Take, Japanese Delicacies, Korean Delights Lei Fai, Pizza Hut, Siu Mei, Grab & Go counter to local snacks.