The pair has launched an interactive, pop-up shopping experience that is designed to empower independent and sustainable designers to engage directly with a new audience.

The store will showcase an array of the best ethical fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand talent out there.With exclusive in-store pieces from one of the UK’s most exciting and daring designers, Dylan Joel, who challenges and redefines the boundaries of Menswear and Womenswear with contemporary androgynous garments.

This store will be introducing a new range of sustainable accessories from Amadeus and Stephanie Grace Jewellery, along with one-off upcycled outerwear from the unique London-based brand Hoh Pabissi and so much more.

“The future of shopping IRL is discovery, not distribution. Go online for convenience buying sure – but to be inspired, to have a truly new and unforgettable experience – get out on the high street. At LDC, we believe experience starts with people; we position our independent and sustainable designers, these incredible storytellers and makers – right at the forefront of the sales process,” commented Rebecca Morter, Lone Design Club CEO.