Black Friday 2020 has seen customers say goodbye to long queues and fighting for the last items and replaced with online scrolling and shopping.

Typically a shopping holiday that sees hundreds of thousands of customers standing in lone queues and even camping over night to grab a bargain, this year’s Black Friday has seen shoppers browse for deals online, allowing them to maintain the safety and comfort of their own home.

Although there has been a drastic shift in consumer behaviour that has seen them favour online shopping since the Coronavirus outbreak, the quieter than usual Black Friday can also be attributed to a number of stores opening much later than normal this Black Friday and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advising customers to shop for deals or to shop at open-air centres if they wanted to venture out.

Coresight Research Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Weinswig, commented: “This is really happening… there are not huge lines wrapped around buildings. Consumers have adapted very quickly.”