Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Dubai Return for Wimpy

On course to arrive in Dubai Mall, the famous burger brand is returning with a first-of-its-kind robot in the kitchen called Flippy 2.

The popular chain is being brought back by Americana Restaurants which is the largest out-of-home dining and quick-service restaurant operator in the Middle East, North Africa and Kazakhstan.

“We are very excited to be reintroducing burger lovers in the UAE to Wimpy, one of the world’s pioneering American burger joints. Wimpy’s strategy is simple: serve great-tasting burgers and chicken sandwiches fast, at an affordable price and thanks to our scale we can do that without compromising on quality. Wimpy is a true disruptor in the specialty smash burger segment – we jokingly say that consumers in the UAE can now enjoy delicious juicy burgers without breaking the bank,” Americana Restaurants’ Chief Executive Officer Amarpal Sandhu said.