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NEWS                                                                     INBRIEF

                                                                                     UNDER ARMOUR ADDS FLAGSHIP
              RHUMAA CACAO BAR OPENS ITS                                             The  new  flagship  for  the  American  fashion  and
                                                                                     sporting goods brand is more than 200sq m in size
              DOORS IN AMSTERDAM                                                     and is located on the prominent corner of Heiligeweg
                                                                                     46/Singel  435,  in  the  city  centre  of  Amsterdam.
              The bar recently opened in  Amsterdam’s                                This transaction is a relocation of Under Armour’s
              Jordaan district at Six and Son’s sustainable                          former shop located at the Kalverstraat and is part
              concept store, offering raw cacao beverages.                           of the first phase of expansion within Europe.
                Rhumaa started as a dutch sustainable
              fashion  brand  supporting  unknown African                            PAGAYA LANDS A LISBON STORE
              artists  and  has  evolved  into  a  conscious                         Born on the beaches of the Costa Vicentina, the
              lifestyle brand focused on health and wellness,                        Portuguese  brand  Pagay  has  launched  its  first
              with raw cacao at its core.                                            store in Lisbon. The store becomes its eighth in
                After  years  of  being  addicted  to  coffee,                       the territory and presents a unique proposal for
              Co-Founder  Leon  Goldwater  stumbled                                  clothing  and  accessories  for  all  ages. The  unit  is
              across ceremonial cacao during a chocolate                             located  at  number  17,  Rua  das  Portas  de  Santo
              event over three years ago. After consuming                            Antão and is open every day from 10am to 8pm.
              just  one  cacao  per  day  he  effortlessly  lost
              his  need  for  multiple  cups  of  coffee.  Now,
              together with Rhumaa’s Co-Founder, Ilona                               PRIMARK OPENS ROMANIA UNIT
              Taillade, they have created the first Rhumaa                           The  much-anticipated  new  flagship  store,  located
              Cacao Bar and the objective of the bar is to                           at  ParkLake  Shopping  Centre  is  open.  With  an
              introduce, develop and promote other cacao                             investment  of  over  €10M  in  the  new  store  and
              entrepreneurs as well as the Rhumaa brand.                             hundreds of jobs created in the local economy, the
              GIORDANO MAURITIUS CELEBRATES                                          opening marks an important milestone for Primark
                                                                                     as the retailer enters its 15th international market
              TRIBECA CENTRAL OPENING                                                and continues its impressive growth.

              Giordano Mauritius  has  welcomed its   to  Mauritus  towards  the  end  of  2019  to   YUCCS OPENS NEW BILBAO SITE
              newest  store  and  it  is  situated  at  the   set  up  our  first  store  at  the  Riche Terre   The Yuccs footwear firm, characterised by the use
              gargantuan  Tribeca Central, nestled in   Mall. A mere three years later down the   of materials such as merino wool, continues with its
              Trianon opposite the Ebene Cybercity.  road, we are now opening our eighth store.   development  in  retail  and  opens  a  150sq  m  store
                The  brand’s  latest  store  to  date  is   Not  only  that,  but  to  partake  in  such  an   in  Bilbao,  at  number  34  Ercilla  street. This  is  the
              located  on  the  ground  floor  of  Tribeca   aspirational,  premium  retail  project  like   fourth Yuccs store in Spain and adds to the spaces
              Mall, offering over 110sq m of retail space.   Tribeca Central lays  testament  to  the   that it operates in Palma, its city of origin, Madrid
              The  store  adopts  the  design  direction   belief,  commitment  and  prowess  of  our   and Barcelona.
              set  by  Giordano  Mauritius  this  year,   local franchise partners, to whom we are
              providing  for  a  sleeker,  contemporary   extremely grateful.”
              shop ambiance through clean, understated   Ishwar  Chugani,  CEO  and  Managing   DIOR TO LAUNCH IN PORTUGAL
              display arrangements, with more distinct   Director  of  Giordano  Middle  East,   Dior  prepares  the  opening  of  its  first  store  in
              zoning and optimised lighting. The store   concluded:  “A  former  Prime  Minister  of   Portugal. The Parisian luxury brand will open in the
              is  also  equipped  with  a  wider  entrance   Mauritius once predicted that shopping   Alegria One building, on the emblematic Avenida
              to  welcome  Giordano  customers,  fully   tourism  would  become  a  major  pillar  of   da  Liberdade  in  Lisbon  at  the  end  of  this  year.
              utilising the additional space.    Mauritius’s economy and that the shopping   The store, which will occupy three floors of the
                Mark  Loynd,  Executive  Director  and   options  on  offer  would  make  the  island   building, will have a total of 1,050sq m according
              Head  of  Overseas  Market  Development   republic  a  shopping  paradise  that  would   to a statement from EastBanc.
              at   Giordano   International   Limited,   attract international tourists and pave the
              commented: “My colleagues and I travelled   way for world-class development.”

                                                                            FEBRUARY 2023 RETAIL & LEISURE INTERNATIONAL 09
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