GCDS (the acronym of God Can’t Destroy Streetwear) is a men’s and women’s label founded online in 2015, based in Milan. The brand is now currently distributed via over 400 retailers worldwide. The label premièred on the Milan Fashion Week catwalks in 2017 and, also through the support of bloggers like Chiara Ferragni, it quickly built a loyal community of aficionados.

The brand is looking to expand internationally – GCDS is set to open a 50 m2 temporary store that will open until the end of the year. In Italy, GCDS picked the capital, Rome, as the venue of a 50 m2 temporary store that will be open until the end of the year, in renowned Piazza di Spagna. GCDS has also opened its first UK Store at 4 Peter Street, London in the heart of Soho, which is a prime location for fashion. The brand then headed to China, where it opened a 219m2 store inside MixC Shopping Mall, Shenzhen and also a 120m2 retail space within K11 Musea, Hong Kong.

In recent years, GCDS posted triple-digit growth from one season to the next, and in 2019 it expects to top the €20 million revenue mark. Italy accounts for 30% of its sales, the remainder being generated abroad, especially in South Korea, China and Japan.