Ikea is ramping up its digital offerings with a dedicated “Home smart” unit ⁠— its biggest new business since the introduction of Children’s Ikea. The Swedish furniture giant says it will invest “significantly” in the smart home market, having first launched its digital home offerings in 2012. It has since introduced tables and lamps that can wirelessly charge phones, an audio collaboration with Sonos and, shortly, smart blinds. Roughly 830 million smart home devices are expected to be sold this year, and 1.6 billion in 2023.

The foundation of Ikea Home smart was built in 2012, and the expansion will see it as the central hub responsible for the smart home business end-to-end. 

“At Ikea we want to continue to offer products for a better life at home for the many people going forward,” Ikea’s Bjorn Block, Head of the new business unit said in a statement. “In order to do so we need to explore products and solutions beyond conventional home furnishing. This is the biggest New Business we are establishing since the introduction of Children’s Ikea,” said Peter van Der Poel, Manager of Ikea Range & Supply. 

Ikea initially created Tradfri, its smart lighting system and app. That app has since been renamed Ikea Home smart. When the Tradfri line of smart home accessories originally debuted, the company had a significant amount of hurdles keeping them from integrating with HomeKit.

All of Ikea’s smart home peripherals have always been controllable from within the Ikea Home smart app. With the addition of a hub, nearly the entire line is now compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

Source: linkedin.com