Monday, July 15, 2024
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Interactive Hologram Concierge debuts at Mall of America

A little elf named Ellie is helping shoppers find the perfect gift at America’s largest mall. Mall of America has teamed with mixed reality company Vntana to launch a Shopping Hologram Concierge, located at the mall’s Holiday Cottage on North. Holiday shoppers can ask Ellie for gift advice and other personalized shopping needs.

For example, Ellie will list out gifting categories such as “teen” or “husband” and you can choose what category you’d like her to help you with. Ellie will ask you additional questions to help you pick the perfect gift.

“Consumer engagement is a key component in the madness of holiday shopping, it is essential for retail outlets to curate personal and engaging experiences for shoppers,” said Ashley Crowder, CEO and co-founder of Vntana. The Shopping Hologram Concierge will be live throughout the holiday season.