Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Levi’s Launches New Digital Experience

The move comes during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing restrictions still in place.

Initially intended to target the US back-to-school season, the fashion brand has partnered with technology companies to offer a range of new digital experiences. Levi’s will host virtual styling and fashion events in collaboration with Squad, a screen sharing app. Groups of friends will virtually meet with a stylist who can give advice on the latest fashion and individually recommend products for guests.

The brand utilises augmented reality and portal technology in a virtual closet experience available on Snapchat in conjunction with Kohl’s. Users can create looks and then purchase these. The retailer has also partnered with tech company Zeekit to digitally display how items of clothing would look on themselves ensuring that they purchase the correct size.

Levi’s has commented: “Back-to-school season is sharing up to be anything but conventional this year. At a time when hardly anything is following tradition, we’ve adjusted our traditional back-to-school approach. The Levi’s brand has teamed up with key partners to engage with students through new platforms.”