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Mango Expands Loyalty Programme

The brand’s new loyalty club ‘Mango Likes You’ has been expanded into five new countries.

Mango Likes You was launched in 2019 in Spain and France and since then, more than 3 million customers were reached. This number is expected to grow to 4 million when the programme is launched in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. The brand created the programme as a part of the brand’s commitment to direct the company towards the customer and offers likes in exchange for purchases which can then be used to obtain discounts and experiences.  

“Since we started designing ‘Mango Likes You’ we wanted it to be a 100 per cent omnichannel programme with many initiatives and experiences. In addition, we wanted its use to be as simple as possible for the user. I think we have succeeded and that it brings great value to our clients. The enormous success obtained in Spain and France confirms this is why we have decided to launch it in more countries.” commented Guillermo Corominas, Director of Mango’s Customer Department.

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