Miami’s celebrity-loved nightclub E11EVEN is taking the luxury lifestyle to new heights with its swanky new high rise, E11EVEN Hotel & Residences.

With interiors by award-winning design firm avroKO, the 65-storey tower will evoke a feeling of living like an A-lister with around-the-clock access to an extravagant, exclusive lifestyle that’s a step above the rest.

Based on the notion that E11EVEN Hotel & Residences caters to all aspects of life – with world class dining, high-energy entertainment, and a resort-style spa – the designers wanted to make spaces that felt luxurious and modern, yet homey and timeless. Channelling a feeling of glossy luxury, intricate details and mixed metals with different finishes evoke a sense of sophistication throughout the building. 

Each residence and guest room is fully furnished and finished, designed to maximise fun and functionality, and evoke the sense that these are spaces to be lived in – even in the hotel rooms. Inside each residence and hotel room you’ll find a bar cart and a plush, luxurious couch for hosting guests, underscoring another important aspect of the 24/11 lifestyle: entertainment.