The American outdoor company, Patagonia is taking its commitment to sustainability to a new level. The company has now opened a brick-and-mortar counterpart to its resale program called Worn Wear in Boulder, Colorado, where it will operate and remain active until February 2020.

The pop-up store will be exclusively stocked with Worn Wear products, as well as the brand’s ReCrafted collection, which features clothes upcycled from apparel that could no longer be repaired. Additionally, the store will serve as a community space that will host workshops for guests to learn how to repair and upcycle their belongings. More and more brands are now actively considering their commitment towards sustainability as climate change and global warning are becoming increasingly hot topics (sorry for the pun).

The Worn Wear program by Patagonia was launched in 2017 to encourage customers to sell gently used products in return for store credit. Since then, Worn Wear has sold over 120,000 products to promote a circular economy within the fashion industry, as part of its mission to promote sustainability.