American clothing company Patagonia is just one of many businesses that will be shutting its doors during the upcoming climate strike that is set to take place this week.

On Friday, September 20, people around the world will stop to focus their attention on the current climate crisis. Along with companies shutting down their stores temporarily, workers have also been encouraged to participate and take time off to protest. The Greta Thunberg-led Global Climate Strike will be a week long protest beginning with several demonstrations on the 20th. In other countries, the strike will take place the following week on September 27.

“For decades, many corporations have single-mindedly pursued profits at the expense of everything else—employees, communities and the air, land and water we all share,” Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario wrote in a LinkedIn blog post explaining why the company plans to close for business during the strike. “Now we face a dangerously hot and fast-changing climate that is exacerbating natural disasters, causing food and water shortages, and speeding us toward the biggest economic catastrophe in history. The plain truth is that capitalism needs to evolve if humanity is going to survive.” Read more over over at Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line blog.

On the other-hand, Burton will turn its store into a gathering space for marchers and give employees paid time off to join demonstrations. Additionally, it will also shut down sales on its website for 24 hours, redirecting customers to the Global Climate Strike homepage instead.