First batch of salmon arrives in Dubai from Glasgow, destined for restaurants and consumers in the UAE. Seafood Souq, a Dubai-based start-up working on the sourcing of seafood, has teamed up with Emirates SkyCargo to fly in the first shipment of Scottish salmon to the UAE.

A batch of salmon arrived in Dubai in the cargo hold of Emirates flight EK 28 from Glasgow earlier this month, destined for restaurants and consumers in the UAE.

This was the first that was being transported for Seafood Souq by Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates. Seafood Souq has created an online B2B marketplace application that helps seafood buyers procure products from all over the world. The application also allows for improved quality and traceability of the produce being transported.

It said better information sharing facilitated by the platform means that there are likely to be fewer instances of mis-labelling and expiry of seafood.

Seafood Souq has entered into a partnership with Emirates SkyCargo for transporting their seafood shipments rapidly from source markets to customers.