In a bid to upgrade its existing store portfolio, the lingerie brand intends to trial a ‘store of the future’ at three locations this fall.

Earlier this week during a virtual investor presentation, Chief Executive Officer Martin Waters explained that the retailer intends to trial the store of the future concept, with one of the three stores trialled, located in an off-mall strip centre. Should these be successful, they will be followed by a further ten test locations next year, the majority of which will be off-mall.

The new Victoria Secret’s stores will offer an improved customer service, have a more modern and ‘feminine’ feel and a more refined staffing model, according to the company. The brand is currently already in the process of refreshing its existing locations to make them lighter, and in turn hopefully more appealing to shoppers.

According to Waters: “It’s about a flexible environment where we can move merchandise around – based on what’s selling best, and selling less.”