Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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World’s largest airport LEGO store now open

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has unveiled the world’s largest LEGO store within an airport, situated at terminal three.

Designed for both kids and adults, this 190-square-metre space offers interactive zones that ignite creativity and keep visitors engaged while waiting for their flights.

Upon entering the store, customers can have fun with a minifigure scanner, instantly bringing a LEGO doppelganger to life on the screen with a simple wave of the hand. Adding to the excitement, an augmented reality digibox allows visitors to witness a digital animation of their chosen LEGO box coming to life.

The store presents a diverse range of LEGO sets for purchase, including classics and the latest offerings on the shelves. Specifically tailored installations for the airport store include a captivating mosaic wall depicting the Dubai skyline. Crafted with precision, this masterpiece required 134 hours and 33,219 LEGO bricks. Additionally, a 3D lifesize LEGO pilot, standing at an impressive 190cm tall, took 180 hours and 45,033 bricks to construct and now proudly stands within the store.

This LEGO haven promises to be a pocket money paradise, offering a delightful experience for travelers of all ages.