The outlet, with a sales area of 16 square metres, is located in a busy office building in one of the largest roundabouts in the city. The store caters to the needs of on-the-go customers and offers a range of snacks, ready-made food items, and beverages, the retailer said.

‘The concept of this small-surface shop confirms that Żabka, wanting to be as close to Poles as possible, can be present even in the smallest locations, thus naturally accompanying customers wherever they are in a hurry during the day.’ – Adam Manikowski, Vice-President – Żabka Polska

Some of the food items available in the store include Tomcio Paluch sandwiches, Foodini fruit and vegetable smoothies, as well as juices and lemonades. The store also houses a Żabka Café zone, which offers a wide selection of freshly brewed coffees, including espresso, latte, and cappuccino served in biodegradable cups.

Source: ESM Magazine