This will be the brand’s first opening in the UAE after growing a significant following in its homeland of Saudi Arabia.

The new 355sq m venue will open in one of The Dubai Mall’s food courts this weekend and will serve more than just fried chicken that it has become famous for. According to Al Baik, the new venue will serve a varied menu consisting of seafood, grilled dishes, vegetarian options, side dishes, desserts and beverages.

The launch has been organised in collaboration with ServQuest. Karim Hajjali, Chief Executive of ServQuest, commented: “Many visitors to Saudi Arabia return with fond memories of Al Baik. We are proud to partner with this much-loved brand on its long-awaited arrival to the UAE and are delighted to introduce diners in Dubai to the unmistakable taste of one of the Kingdom’s unmissable culinary treats.”

The brand has recently opened an eight-lane drive thru for food trucks alongside two branches in Bahrain.