The online shoe company brings its sustainable footwear to Vancouver with its first Canadian outpost.

The shoe and lifestyle brand has set up shop within a few blocks of Mejuri, Casper, and Warby Parker – brick-and-mortar outlets of brands that all got their start in the direct-to-consumer e-tail game. Not that we’re complaining: the showroom model allows Vancouverites to try on lightweight kicks and shop Allbirds’ clothing line without any shipping delays to worry about.

San Francisco-based Allbirds launched as a sustainability-focused online-only footwear brand back in 2014, and the ultra-comfortable sneakers (available in a rotating selection of cute colourways) gained a cult following.

The original breathable wool shoe will likely look familiar to anyone who’s done aggressive research into “best travel shoe that’s comfortable but also doesn’t look hideous” prior to an Italian vacay (ahem), but Allbirds’ collection has grown extensively in its relatively short existence. Now, on the walls of the Vancouver shop (the display is made of a cool, modular pegboard), you’ll find the whole gang: the summer-y, mesh-y Tree sneakers; a new line of performance Tree Flyer runners for the 10K set; even light-as-air flip flops made from sustainable sugarcane.

The Tree Flyer runners have the distinction of having the lowest carbon footprint of any performance shoe out there, thanks to an innovative vegetable oil-based polyurethane sole and eucalyptus-fibre upper. It’s material that’s good for the planet, but also nice for the arches. (Given the dreamy, foamy feeling of all the shoes, it’s pretty appropriate that the Kits outpost is dotted with cloud-shaped mirrors.)