The company is set to spend as much as $500M on Christmas bonuses for its employees in the United States.

This year has certainly been a struggle for many retailers and their staff. From store closures to layoffs, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and changes in consumer behaviour have had a huge effect on many businesses. Amazon, who have recently faced a wave of scrutiny from unions and lawmakers in the US over the safety of their workers in the face of Covid-19, have just announced that they will be gifting a one-time bonus system for their front-line employees.

Full time operations staff in the United States will receive a $300 bonus while part-time staff will receive a $150 bonus. The company did a similar round of bonuses in June, again spending $500M on bonuses for their front-line employees.

Amazon are not alone in gifting bonuses, both Walmart and Home Depot have spent millions providing bonuses for their staff who have worked tirelessly to keep stores operational and thriving throughout the global pandemic.