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Apparel Group Shines at RLI MENA Awards 2024, Setting New Standards in Retail Excellence

Apparel Group brand Rituals awarded Sustainable Retailer of the Year

In a dazzling showcase of brilliance and ingenuity within the retail and leisure sectors, Apparel Group proudly announces its noteworthy triumphs at the 2024 RLI MENA Awards, hosted in Riyadh, KSA on February 7, 2024. The esteemed Retail Partner of the Year award, bestowed upon Apparel Group, underscores the organization’s unwavering commitment to excellence, solidifying its pivotal role in the industry. This accolade mirrors the Group’s dedication to establishing benchmarks in retail innovation, customer experience, and sustainable practices.

Serving as the ‘Headline Partner’ for the RLI MENA Awards and a ‘Lifestyle Partner’ for the RLI Connect MENA, Apparel Group has played a significant role in shaping the future of retail and leisure in the Middle East and North Africa region. This recognition attests to the Group’s leadership and steadfast dedication to innovation and industry growth.

The RLI MENA Awards 2024 spotlighted the exceptional contributions of various Apparel Group brands, with Rituals claiming the distinguished title of Sustainable Retailer of the Year and earning commendation for the RLI MENA Sustainable Project of the Year.

Neeraj Teckchandani, CEO of Apparel Group, expressed pride in the company’s achievements, stating, “Our role as the Headline Partner in the RLI MENA Awards reflects our leadership in transforming the retail and leisure sectors in the MENA region. Winning the Retail Partner of the Year award, alongside Rituals being named Sustainable Retailer of the Year, underscores our commitment to spearheading innovation and growth. We are not just participants; we are leaders, fostering a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem that propels the industry forward. This achievement marks a new chapter of partnership and opportunity that benefits the entire region.”

Judged by a panel of distinguished industry experts, the RLI MENA Awards is set to become a pivotal event in the retail and leisure sector, recognizing the most innovative and visionary concepts. Apparel Group’s success at these awards exemplifies the organization’s unyielding pursuit of excellence, positioning it at the forefront of the rapidly evolving retail landscape.

With a vast network spanning 14 countries, over 2,100 stores, and more than 85 brands, Apparel Group continues to lead in the global fashion and lifestyle retail sector. The Group’s recognition at the RLI MENA Awards not only highlights its outstanding achievements but also underscores its dedication to innovation, excellence, and the growth of the retail and leisure industry in the MENA region.