Brown Property Group has received development approval for Meridian Village, a unique, mixed-use precinct that will become the heart of Clyde North in Melbourne’s south-eastern growth corridor.

Meridian Village’s retail, commercial and entertainment tenancies are sited between existing industrial and residential areas. Brown Property Group COO, Ryan Pritchard, says it’s the culmination of a long-held vision for the masterplanned Meridian residential estate. “In our original visioning 10 years ago, we used the principles of the 20-minute neighbourhood, and this is one of the final pieces,” he says. “Based on feedback from over 560 residents, we’ve ended up with something that’s very different from an off-the-shelf solution.”

Buchan Principal, Grant Withers, says Meridian Village is an ‘anti-mall’ that turns the traditional suburban shopping mall inside out. “Meridian Village centres on a generous public piazza that spills out into the surrounding parklands and precinct,” says Withers. “It’s the opposite of an enclosed, air-conditioned retail centre.”