In the Korona centre in Wrocław the following stores and services will operate as normal: Auchan, DOZ, Rossmann, 5aSec, PKO Bank, MBank, Cukiernia Sowa, Esmoking World, Market Ubezpieczeń and the centre’s bureau de change.

The stores of Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Rossmann, Hebe and Natura, Apteka Dr. Max, Ziaja, Kakadu, Cukiernia Sowa (excluding its café section), Centrum Wina, Semilac and E-Papierosy are to remain open in Centrum Janki on Warsaw’s south-western outskirts.

In Galeria Bemowo in Warsaw it will be business as usual for the Carrefour hypermarket, Rossmann, Ziko Apteka, PKP BP, Tea Time, Poczta Polska, Expander, EBS and the bureau de change as well as the car wash and tyre exchange in front of the centre.

In the Rondo shopping centre in Bydgoszcz a normal service Auchan will be provided by Dr. Max, Rossmann, Hebe, EBS, Cukiernia Sowa (excluding its café section), Bank Millennium, Ruch, Esmoking World, Wings, Itaka, InMedio, Olivia, Polish Post, Świat GSM, Toys’R’Us, Sery Ślesińskie, Ziaja dla Ciebie, Traffica and the car wash. Bank Millennium will be open on Saturdays between 10 am and 4pm and Ruch will be open until 6pm.

Rossmann and Ziko Apteka are to open as usual in the Focus Park shopping centre in Rybnik. And in Galeria Gniezno normal hours (10am to 9pm, Mon-Sat) will apply for Carrefour, Vita-Pharm,, Kolporter, Z Dziada Pradziada and the bureau de change.

However, due to the uncertain situation, changes are possible to opening hours and the stores that can remain open in each of the centres.