For almost the last 30 years, Arqui300 has conducted 3D visualisation projects for the real estate industry all around the globe, with a footprint in four continents and over 26 countries. Here, RLI speaks with Nuno Mesquita, Chief Operating Officer to learn more about what this unique company offers its clients and what the future holds.

From the beginning, the goal of Arqui300 has been to close the gap between the virtual and the real world of real estate visualisation for marketing purposes. They believe that making a future development that is still virtual – in the sense that it has not been built yet – real enough for people to be able to experience the design, be inspired by it and can ultimately imagine themselves using is paramount.
“I feel this is what sets us apart, this ability to make people believe that a virtual scope, a design, is really going to become real,” explains Nuno Mesquita, COO of Arqui300. “In the end it’s all about believability, we target a full photorealistic experience and even use real people and actors in our productions, be it renderings, movies or a mix of both – our Live!Renders are a quick way to bring live movement to still renderings.”

Aventura Mall, Florida, US

When they begin new projects, the first thing Arqui300 do is work with the client to perfectly understand their needs and then they are in a position to advise the best way to achieve these, which for example can even involve making suggestions on project scope that the client may not even have thought possible, such as making a short clip instead of a still rendering.
From here they then build the 3D model and share possible angles or camera paths, which is an important step in the process as it lays down the story that will be told to the viewer. The next stage is to make the model photorealistic and add additional elements; this can either be completely defined by the client or incorporate design from members of the Arqui300 team. Finally they add the real people, taken either from the extensive and proprietary library they have built over the years, or alternatively they shoot on purpose on a green screen room.
Whether it be portraying things like the Uber Elevate flying taxis on top of a Miami tower, or working on a Space X scope, the company offer each and every client the very best technology available and no day at Arqui300 is the same as the last one.

Skyland, Istanbul, Turkey

Mesquita explains that while it has been a difficult 18 months because of the global pandemic, they are glad to see that most of their clients, namely those in retail, are returning to almost pre-pandemic levels of activity.
“For us, we were quite resilient, and I think a great deal of this was because of the level of service we were able to maintain. We have also been able to gain a significant number of new clients during this difficult time, so we are in a very good position moving forward and clients are again pushing for bigger and more ambitious project scopes from us.”
The range of services on offer cover a range of different areas, from still renderings to 3D movie productions and things in-between like the animated renders (or Live!Renders as they call them). They also do many virtual interactive tours, and all of these have a common feature, which is the use of real people and can be viewed through the Arqui300 website and YouTube channel.
This range of services would not be possible without a great team and Mesquita explains that they have a very solid team that complement each other tremendously, from the modelling team right through to post-production, movie direction and sound quality.

230 Park Avenue, New York, US

“It is like a well-kept and constantly fine-tuned human engine. We love what we do and that ultimately shows in the final result!”
To maintain their niche market position, the company always focus on making their next job even better than the last one, which while sounding deceptively simple, keeps them on the edge and pushing the boundaries a bit more every day to the benefit of their clients.
Relationships with their clients is of paramount importance and to this end, they maintain regular and in-person contact, believing that as a client of Arqui300 you should always deal with top-level people. This has led to them being considered by their clients as an extension of the team, something that is definitely very rewarding.

Durrat Al Bahrain

Discussing the key strengths of the business, Nuno says that being able to quickly understand the needs of clients and suggest ways to expand on this, working efficiently and quickly on the project scope and always ensuring the ‘wow’ reaction upon completion are the major reasons behind the success they’ve achieved to date.
“I think the future is bright for real estate and consequently for real estate visualisation. The challenge is to adapt to the changes that the pandemic brought us. Ultimately some of these changes were long overdue even before it happened, and I think that through transformation, the industry will emerge stronger than it was. We expect to be a part of it for the foreseeable future and plan to keep working hard for it.”