Construction has been exempted from the lockdown, but strict measures that limit blue-collar workers continue.

Most industries may be suffering due to the coronavirus, but Dubai-based Azizi Developments claims its projects are “in full swing” since construction is exempt from the 24-hour government mandated lockdown.

The private developer’s projects in Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR), Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Healthcare City, Al Furjan, and Downtown Jebel Ali are underway and construction is progressing swiftly, it said in a statement to media.

While construction has indeed been exempt from the 24-hour lockdown in Dubai, the city has followed in Abu Dhabi’s footsteps by limiting the movement of blue-collar workers from one Emirate to the other.

But Azizi Developments insists it’s on schedule to deliver projects. In the first three months of 2020, it said it constructed over 1,326,978sq ft of built-up area, with a monthly average building progress of nearly eight per cent.

Its Al Furjan projects, Star, Shaista, and Plaza are 72, 78, and 90 per cent complete, respectively, in terms of construction. Its Aura project in Jebel Ali is 85 per cent complete, while Mina is 91 per cent.

Aliyah in Dubai Healthcare City was completed last year, and Samia and Farishta in Al Furjan earlier this year.