The experiential cinema operator is looking for more sites after securing financial backing from global entertainment company, Sony Music.

The independent cinema concept has become a key player in the creation of iconic and immersive cinema experiences. The operator guarantees its audience new and exciting interactive backdrops that truly transport guests to another world in which they can enjoy all their favourite movies.

Following the backing from Sony, Backyard Cinema has instructed MKR Property to find sites of between 15,000sq ft and 45,000sq ft. Currently, the cinema has just one site at Capital Studios in Wandsworth in South-West London but intends to gradually expand outside of London and internationally.

Founder and Director, Dominic Davies, commented: “Backyard Cinema is hugely excited to be part of the Sony Music Group. With their support, we’re looking for bigger and longer opportunities to grow. We’re looking at a couple of venues in different areas and really need to find our flagship, which will enable us to service enough people, house our staff and provide us with more security. Once we’ve got that flagship, it may well be that we have a few smaller venues as well.”