The luxury brand has expanded and revamped its flagship store in Tokyo at Aoyama.

The newly renovated Balenciaga store does slightly reference the Balenciaga flagship on rue St.-Honoré in Paris but does however have a distinct look of its own. The store underwent a redesign and renovation of the lower façade which now integrates six large floor to ceiling windows and a new guest entrance and recessed porch.

Glass windows play an integral role throughout the store and are featured heavily on both the ground floor and upper floor. The corridors on both floors are divided by glass and industrial-style aluminium windows with the intent of blurring the traditional outdoor and indoor boundaries. The ‘industrial’ aesthetic continues as furnishings in the store including aluminium shelves and cabinets as well as steel rods that present the apparel.

The renovated store houses the full range of women’s and men’s apparel, accessories, bags, shoes as well as the children’s collection. To celebrate the reopening of the store, customers can also shop limited edition products including a rain jacket, tote bag and furoshiki handle.