Bulgari has now launched an e-commerce platform in Singapore prior to opening online services in its home territory. Korea are set to follow soon.

The Italian jewellery firm is accelerating its digital programme following the effect of the devastating coronavirus pandemic on the industry, placing restrictions on the ability of shoppers to visit physical stores.

The luxury brand are planning to launch new online boutiques in seven countries over the next 90 days, beginning with the Singapore shop going live yesterday. The store features an Argumented Reality (AR) function allowing shoppers to view products as they would appear in the real-world environment, as well as e-concierges and home delivery services.

‘E-commerce must be an engaging and exclusive 360-degree experience, offering the same service of excellence delivered in a Bulgari boutique. Not to mention the complementarity of the website with the boutiques in terms of content and information.’ – Jean-Christophe Babin, Bulgari CEO