Luxury fashion label Burberry has teamed up with technology giant Tencent to launch its first social retail store in Shenzhen, China.

Located in the new Shenzhen Bay MixC development, the Burberry social store features a unique design with a variety of materials and textures ranging from plywood to mirror and high-gloss finishes. Occupying a 539sq m area, the store houses 10 different rooms.

The Burberry social store offers a wide range of items including the brand’s latest collections and pieces exclusive to the Shenzhen store. All the stock is labelled with QR codes which when scanned show information on the customer’s digital screen. This is the brand’s first store to have QR codes on product swing tags.

The social store also houses a Trench Experience space, designed with digital technology to “bring Burberry’s heritage of exploration to life and creating unique and personal content for the customer to share on social media”.

“This store explores this relationship, blending the digital and the physical realms in an exciting new concept,” said Riccardo Tisci, Chief Creative Officer at Burberry.